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Gaye Moore is a life coach, speaker and author.  Gaye is the creator and teacher of #WOW – The Art of Creating Joy – a selection of powerful techniques and tools which help women transform their lives.

Championing the resourcefulness and the best in people since 1990, Gaye has been hailed as a thought healer, creative thinker, mind master and is the global brand ambassador in developing individual Potential at any age.

Feature articles have been contributed to many local and international publications including Huffington Post, Mogul, Girl Crew, Woman and Home, and Irish Country Living .

To find out the personal essence of Gaye find her on social media such as my blog Linked-in , Facebook , Twitter , Instagram or The Training Toolbox.

My Story

Affirmation of awareness, kindness, gratitude, empathy, compassion and most of all being true to oneself in every aspect on living is the ethos that sets Gaye apart.

Gaye is driven and passionate in cultivating within you the only three secrets you need to find your voice, live without fear and create a life you will love for yourself.

FUN FACT : Gaye detests laundry and ironing.  Cooking is frowned upon as a chore whilst baking is simply pure indulgence!


Gaye’s area of expertise encompasses three areas of teaching, promoting within individuals the potential to create a mindset for success.

#TWBnetworking which is a mentoring support group for women in business to help members scale and grow their business easily and effectively.

The Potentialists – a personal development online group for men and women which offers complimentary strategies on achieving happiness, inner peace and joy.

#FookFifty – a mindset and nutrition online and in person programme for women in 40’s,  50’s,  and 60’s who are feeling lumpy, dumpy and frumpy due to ageing and menopause and who wish to reignite their vitality, vivacious and va va boom – join the FB group here

#Mothers&Daughters – 1:1 coaching to help mothers and daughters reconcile through the the tumultuous teenage years and come to a better understanding and respect for each other

Gaye will work with you on 1:1 basis via Skype or in person in any area or you can attend some of her live or online workshops/programmes